How to Join Parroto Social Club

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How to Join Parroto Social Club

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How to Join Parroto Social Club
  • Make sure recruitment is open
  • Make sure you fulfill the requirements listed below
  • Create a new thread in the recruitment section of the forums entitled [YOUR NAME] PSC Application
  • Copy and paste the questions and answer them all


-A good vouch
-Willingness to take responsibility
-Willingness to find content for yourself and corp/alliance mates
-Ability to fly ships useful for nano gangs
-Ability to fly a T2 Loki
-Ability to use a bombing purifier
-Good activity
-Desire to get better at PvP
-Mains only. You are expected to bring in all primary characters into corp.
-No alphas.

Application form:

Who is your PSC vouch? Is there anyone else in alliance that you think likes you?

Post your Killboards and your primary TZ

How long have you been playing Eve and how much SP do you have?

Give a description of your career in Eve so far

Why do you want to join PSC and how did you hear of us?

Post one or multiple small gang fits and explain why you like them.

Post one or multiple killmails you significantly contributed to achieving and tell us what happened

Can you fly any caps, which ones if yes.

How many accounts can you run at the same time, do you have useful alts that can do useful things.

What is your favorite parroto variant?

Anything else you wanna mention?